The poor handwriting of miss A’s Suzy has attracted a lot of attention lately after a screenshot of it was posted on a local online community board. The screenshot comes from the July 21st episode of Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News” where miss A members were asked to handwrite four line verses with their group name.


In the photo, Suzy’s handwriting (second from top) appears worse than miss A’s Chinese members, Fei’s and Jia’s (bottom two boxes), who did not receive any formal Korean education.

Netizens after viewing the photos have commented, “Did she write that left-handed?” “I don’t think any of them have good handwriting,” and “Suzy, I thought I was looking at my own handwriting.”

Meanwhile, miss A released their first full album last week and has been sweeping local music charts with the title track, “Good Bye Baby.”


Source: enews24