Earlier today, miss A’s Suzy shared photos from her surprise birthday party. She tweeted, “Happiness happiness..this is miss A! ♡,” and attached a group photo with her fellow miss A members. As shown in the photo, birthday girl Suzy held up a chocolate cake with a surprised expression as she was surrounded by Fei, Jia and Min.

Suzy soon followed with another post, “Unnies thank you so much. ♡ The surprise birthday party was so touching. Birthdays are the best when we have scheduled activities ; ) .” She continued, “Unnies threw me a surprise birthday party during a photoshoot. The best…..bbb xie xie ni men ♡.” 

Netizens who’ve seen her tweets commented, “Happy birthday Suzy,” “Surprise bday parties are the best,” “They’re all so pretty,” “I can’t wait for their comeback,” and more. 

Meanwhile, Suzy celebrated her eighteenth birthday yesterday, October 10. Check out a gallery of Suzy’s most adorable moments here!