Recently, on an episode of KBS2TV’s Secret, SNSD’s Hyoyeon addressed miss A Min’s habit of dancing in random places when she hears music. She implored with the singer to stop her practice of dancing randomly on the streets through a video message on the episode. She says through the video,

“I’m embarrassed to walk around with Min! She starts shaking her body every time she hears any kind of music. Don’t you think busting out Beyonce moves in the middle of the city is a bit much? Please stop, at least when you’re with me,” she pleaded.

While sitting and watching the video, Min replied that she didn’t really care about what others said or thought about her and all she really cared about what was enjoying herself to the fullest. However, just a few moments later, she changed her mind after watching Comedian Shin Bong Sun imitate her dance moves on the set of the show. She assured everyone that she would try to stop herself the next time that happens.

Check out the clips below!

Credit: sushiiviet, SoshiSoshiYT & Nate