On April 25, miss A’s Min shared a photo of her with the U.S. rapper/producer/songwriter, B.o.B. She tweeted the photo with the caption that read, “With b.o.b at pentaport rock festival.”

In the close-up shot, Min is seen making a cute “V” sign with the popular musician. B.o.B, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying the moment with a slight grin across his face. It’s unclear when the photo was taken as the “Pentaport Rock Festival” usually takes place in the last weekend of July.

Netizens commented, “Was this taken from last year?” “Min and B.o.B look like a couple,” and “For some reason, this photo is sexy.”

The “Pentaport Rock Festival” is an annual rock festival that takes place in Incheon. Considered one of the biggest live music events in Korea, “Pentaport Rock Festival” gives live performances of musicians from various genres for three days at the end of July. B.o.B was one of the main guests of last year’s show.