What do miss A’s Suzy, After School’s Uee, and Son Dam Bi have in common? 

Fans have pointed to their “broad shoulders.” Recently, photos of Suzy, Uee, and Son Dam Bi were put together on an online community under the title, “Suzy, Uee, and Son Dam Bi’s shoulders are as big as most guys.” Suzy’s photo is a screenshot of her latest film, “Architecture 101,” while Uee’s came from MBC “Radio Star” and Son Dam Bi’s from a recent awards show.

The writer of the post added, “Is it because of their clothes?” questioning whether the girls’ shoulders are a result of the outfit they were wearing in the respective photos.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “It’s because the guy next to them have puny shoulders,” “It’s just optical illusion,” “But they still look hot!”