On April 13, Boom shared a funny photo of miss A’s Suzy being attacked by MMA fighter Choi Hong Man.

He tweeted a photo of the 218cm giant fighter squeezing the fun out of Suzy’s head, with the message, “How dare you attack our G6 Suzy! I’m going to protect our G6. Come on, let’s go at it! Choi Hong Man vs. G6, Kim Shin Young and Boom’s showdown. Tomorrow night KBS 2TV 5:05PM See you on ‘Invincible Youth’!”

In the photo, Suzy, although being attacked (?) by Choi Hong Man, is flashing a big smile, seemingly having fun at the moment. In another photo, Boom is seen facing off against Choi Hong Man, hinting at the showdown that is to take place on the upcoming show.

Netizens commented, “Is Suzy’s head small, or is Choi Hong Man’s hands big?” “Isn’t that sexual harassment?” “Boom, you better protect my Suzy.”