Miss A‘s Suzy recently made a guest star appearance at KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3” and confessed, “When my eyes first caught the headline about Haha and Byul‘s marriage, I admit I felt slightly betrayed. I am such a fan of Byul, so I thought it was a bit much that Haha would hide the great news from me.” 

Suzy’s response revealed how close of a friendship the two really shared, prompting MC Park Mi Sun to then ask  Haha, “I heard that you even told Suzy to obtain your approval first before dating anyone, is that true?” to which Haha joked, “Something tells me that this girl just needs to be looked after.”

When MC Yoo Jae Suk heard this he jokingly came to Suzy’s defense with, “Even without you, there are many who can take good care of Suzy. What do you even really know about Suzy? I can take care of Suzy. I can lend her my house, my car or anything she needs” which caused the entire studio audience to erupt in laughter.