Earlier today, miss A’s Suzy tweeted a photo of herself with someone who shared an uncanny (?) resemblance to her. She wrote, “Find Suzy! Can u guess who real Suzy is!” and attached the photo. In the photo, Suzy poses with comedian Kim Joon Hyun, who humored both Suzy and the netizens by dressing up as the young star with the same outfit and wig. Netizens also noticed how Kim Joon Hyun’s wide smile resembled that of Suzy’s.

Netizens commented, “So cute,” “Definitely can tell who the real Suzy is,” “I love their smile,” and more.

 Meanwhile, Suzy, along with Fei, Jia, and Min, made a surprise guest appearance on yesterday’s episode of KBS’s “Gag Concert.” During the show, Suzy explained her past kiss with Kim Joon Hyun, saying, “Our lips definitely didn’t touch.”