Even though she’s one of today’s hottest stars, miss A‘s Suzy shows that fame hasn’t gotten to her head.

On July 29, her episode of SBS’s variety talk program “Healing Camp” was aired. Her father made a video message, which was shown during the recording. He said, “Suzy bought her mother a cafe and later on bought a better car. Even though she’s really busy, she would call and text her siblings and parents. She takes care of us really well. I’m so proud.”

Suzy shared about her rough childhood. “Dad was a Taekwondo director and mom had a beauty shop. Business wasn’t doing well so mom went into the boonshik (Korean fast food) business. As it’s hard to run that kind of business, I always felt sad.”

She continued, “The house we were at before was really small for five people. When I left [to live in the dorms as a trainee], there were four people, but it was still small. I always felt bad about it and wanted the family to have a bigger house after saving up enough money. I wanted to move to a better place, but mom said that having a good good house wasn’t necessary. That’s why, I got us a slightly bigger house so we’re at least comfortable.”

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