miss A’s Suzy recently chose Kim Soo Hyun as her most memorable kiss scene co-star. The singer-actress appeared on yesterday’s episode of KBS’s “Happy Together 3” along with HaHa, Park Soo Hong, and Song Eun Ee.

During the episode, Park Myung Soo asked, “Who was your most memorable kiss partner?” to which she answered, “[Kim] Soo Hyun oppa.” Suzy explained, “It’s because that was our last scene we filmed [in ‘Dream High’]. So once that scene was completed, so would the filming for the drama. We were all sad that it was coming to an end, so I was able to really get in character for the sad scene.”

Upon hearing Suzy’s story, Shin Bong Sun humorously added, “On the last recording of ‘Happy Together,’ I’ll film a kiss scene with Heo Kyung Hwan.” Heo Kyung Hwan, who was sitting right next to her, quickly stated, “I’ll quit the day before,” to everyone’s amusement.