miss A‘s Suzy and child actress Kim Yoo Jung have both talked about their ideal types.

Both stars were guests on “Strong Heart” on October 9. Kim Yoo Jung was first asked about her ideal type. She said, “I don’t want him to be too studious,” making all the uncle fans in the studio cheer.

Kim Yoo Jung continued, “I want him to be at least taller than me,” and “I like guys who can play instruments and can sing well. I like funny guys too.” Then all the male celebrities started to pretend to play an instrument, making everyone laugh.

miss A’s Suzy also talked about her ideal type. She began to list all the male celebrities that were her ideal type in the past. She listed Kang Dong Won, Lee Min Ki, Yang Yo Seob, Kim Soo Hyun and Ian Somerhalder.

When asked who her current ideal type is, Suzy had to think about it for a while. Then MC Lee Dong Wook said, “You need to be very serious about this.” Then Suzy answered, “At this moment, Lee Dong Wook is my ideal type.” Then Lee Dong wook replied, “I can see that you’re very serious. You’re very honest,” as a joke, which made everyone laugh even more.

Meanwhile, other guests such as Byul shared the hidden stories behind her and Haha‘s relationship.