miss A’s Suzy recently snapped a photo with child actress Park Min Ha, also dubbed the little Suzy. On October 29, Park Min Ha tweeted, “Filming ‘Challenge 1000 Songs’ with miss A’s Suzy unni~ Please look forward to ‘Challenge 1000 Songs’ 600 episode special featuring Min Ha and Suzy unni,” and attached the photo.

In the photo, the starlet poses with the popular singer-actress, both showing their adorable smiles at the camera. Netizens observed that Suzy and Min Ha looked alike, calling them sisters. Those who’ve seen the photo commented, “Awww Min Ha is so cute,” “They’re so adorable,” “Suzy has really nice baby like complexion,” and more.

In related news, Park Min Ha recently starred in “Arang and the Magistrate” as the younger counterpart to Shin Min Ah’s Arang.