A spot on Suzy’s right wrist has recently drawn the attention of the public.

On August 2nd an online community bulletin board posted a picture of miss A’s Suzy, which she had uploaded to her Twitter account, followed by questions regarding the dot on her wrist.

In this particular photo of Suzy it reveals that there is something on her right wrist. Leaving people wondering if there was a watermelon seed stuck to her wrist, when in fact it was just a beauty mark. It can be seen as she holds on to the mutizen miss A won, last week, on MNET’s “M! Countdown

Netizens posted their reactions in regards to her photo saying, “It’s a bigger mole than I thought”, “Even her mole is cute.”, “Why did I not know about this as her fan”, “I really thought it was a watermelon seed-cute.”, “Even if she said it was a tattoo, I would have believed it.”  Suzy wrote in response to the questions concerning the mark, “It’s popular to have a star tattoo there these days.”

Lately miss A has been promoting their latest song “Goodbye Baby” which has been gaining in popularity since its release.

Source: Newsen