miss A’s Suzy had a nasty fall onstage during yesterday’s episode of KBS’s “Gag Concert.” The members of miss A made a guest appearance on the popular comedy sketch to explain Suzy’s controversial kiss with comedian Kim Joon Hyun this past August.

During the sketch, Kim Joon Hyun, disguised as Suzy, tried to kiss fellow comedian Song Joong Geun much to everyone’s surprise. The real Suzy then ran across the stage, yelling “Wait!” However, she slipped on the slippery stage and fell. Shin Bora, Song Joong Geun, and her miss A members rushed to her side to help her. However, Suzy stood up as if nothing happened and said, “Hello. I’ m Suzy from miss A. I’m here because I really wanted to explain what happen last time. Our lips really didn’t touch, but everyone believed that it did.  So I will reenact the same scene here.”

Song Joong Geun asked, “Can I be part of this reenactment?” to which Suzy answered, “Nope. Joon Hyun oppa…”  She paused and took a look at Kim Joon Hyun who was dressed like her. Suzy continued, “I’ll do it with Joong Geun oppa.”