miss A’s Suzy recently showed off her birthday presents on her Twitter. Yesterday, the singer-actress held at fan meet at the Seoul Lotte Plaza as part of her promotions with “Pean Pole Outdoor.” During the event, the organizers and fans prepared a surprise birthday party for Suzy, showering her with cakes and presents.

Later that night, Suzy thanked her fans with a short message as well as a proof shot of all the presents she received as well. She tweeted ” I’m very thankful that my fans always give me such thoughtful presents for my birthday.” She also wrote, “You’re very thoughtful. Everyone gave me such considerate gifts and even sent something my Damon [Suzy’s dog]! I’m so touched!.” She followed with another post, “A pretty diary for my birthday. I chose you for this and next year! Thank you.” 

Netizens commented, “Happy birthday Suzy,” “You’re so sweet! Tweeting and thanking everyone who gave you presents,” “Aww Damon’s so cute,” and more. Meanwhile, 

Meanwhile, Suzy turned eighteen-years-old today, October 10.