Earlier today, miss A’s Suzy shared another selca for her fans to enjoy. On October 23, the singer-actress tweeted, “Good night. Anyways, I wonder when this spread will be published. I heard it’ll be soon. This is from the day of the shoot,” and attached a photo of herself in her sexy outfit. 

In the photo, Suzy is seen in a sheer top and sparkly skirt as she enjoys her free time during what appears to be a photoshoot. Netizens were especially drawn to Suzy’s see-through top, which revealed most of her skin. Her messy hair and sparkly makeup were also very eye-catching. 

Those who’ve seen the photo commented, “Suzy really is all grown up,” “She looks great,” “Love her hair,” “Beautiful girl,” and more.

In related news, the girls of miss A are currently busy promoting their latest title track “I Don’t Need a Man.”