miss A’s Suzy’s pre-debut CF is garnering much attention in various internet communities. Netizens were able to uncover a past Samsung Anycall CF that was aired in China featuring the young star and fellow miss A members. The screenshots were titled “It doesn’t feel like Suzy, but it’s Suzy before she debuted.”  

In the screenshots, Suzy looks the same as she does now, only younger with slightly chubbier cheeks. In one still, she’s seen with a unique eye makeup, replacing her cute image with a more powerful look.

Netizens commented, “I never realized how much makeup can change a person’s look and feel,” “She’s so adorable, then and now!” and “She’s lost all her baby fat, she looks so mature now.” Meanwhile, miss A made their comeback on “M! Countdown” yesterday with “Good Bye Baby.”