The cast members of “Miss Hammurabi” have picked what they think viewers should look out for in their upcoming drama.

“Miss Hammurabi” is about a team of three judges who work together on everyday, commonplace cases that affect people’s lives.

Go Ara, who plays the passionate rookie judge Park Cha Oh Reum, shared, “As we filmed, I couldn’t wait to show people the story of court No. 44. The premiere is right ahead, so I’m really nervous and excited. I hope that everyone will love and support the story of our special court No. 44.” She explained, “‘Miss Hammurabi’ tells the story of everyday cases that people can empathize with through the judges. I think a key point to look out for is young judge Park Cha Oh Reum’s chaotic relationships with Im Ba Reun (played by INFINITE’s L) and chief judge Han Se Sang (played by Sung Dong Il).”

L, who plays Im Ba Reun, an elite, cold judge who sticks to his principles and the rules, picked, “[The members of] court No. 44 all have their own personalities and charms, but please keep an eye out for the process in which Im Ba Reun grows.” He also shared his thoughts on the premiere of the drama, saying, “It shows the never-before-seen, honest stories of the judges. Things that happen in the court, the everyday image of judges, as well as their growth will all be shown. Please give the drama a lot of interest and love.”

Sung Dong Il also talked about his thoughts on the drama. He commented, “‘Miss Hammurabi’ is a new courthouse drama that shows how the laws that we think are heavy and difficult are actually alive and vivid right next to us. Please look forward to very real, sincere judges.” The actor will be playing realistic chief judge Han Se Sang. On the drama’s premiere, he shared, “I’m glad that I’m greeting viewers with ‘Miss Hammurabi,’ which I prepared have prepared for a long time. Please look forward to the refreshing, warm, and special stories of the judges.”

Ryu Deok Hwan, who will be making his drama comeback after being discharged from the military as the court’s “information king,” chose the drama’s vivid script and insight into life as things to look out for. He explained, “You can see our lives through the story that real-life judge Moon Yoo Suk wrote.” On his drama comeback, he commented, “I’m thankful that I’ll be able to meet viewers after a long time, but I’m even happier that I’m able to do so with such a great drama. I hope that viewers will be able to laugh, cry, and empathize with our stories.”

Lee Elijah, who plays court No. 44’s mysterious stenographer Lee Do Yeon, shared, “Rather than a firm court story, the drama will tell the story of the small laws that are all around us. There are a lot of points that viewers will be able to empathize with. Please look forward to the confident and charismatic stenographer Lee Do Yeon.” She added, “‘Miss Hammurabi’ is a drama about people, for people, and based on people and their fellow members of society, and the questions, emotions, and empathy they experience.”

“Miss Hammurabi” will air its first episode on May 21 at 11 p.m. KST.

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