Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog” actress Yoon Seung Ah posed for a photo shoot featured in the October issue of fashion magazine “1st Look.”  The actress who was discovered on the street for her beauty looks like an innocent fall beauty in menswear influenced clothes with long wavy hair. 

On growing out her hair, Yoon Seung Ah: “This year, I am thirty years old [in Korea age; the actress is actually 29 years old].  When people find out my age, recently, there have been quite a few people who get surprised.  Before, though my image was strong, with the passing of time, my face is little by little coming out.  Maybe it’s also because of my long hair style.  Before debut, I had short hair most of the time, so I didn’t have long hair like now back then.”

On an item she is addicted to, Yoon Seung Ah: “Long dress.  Actually, previously I didn’t really like wearing long dresses.  It looked like something my mom would wear, and looked like something difficult to match with, but at a preview, after trying a long dress a couple of times, people around me told me that I looked good in it.  So after that I got some courage to wear it.”  

In “Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog,” Yoon Seung Ah played a blunt and happy-go-lucky character who ends up falling for Super Junior member Donghae’s prickly and withdrawn character.  Donghae had his  first kiss scene in the drama.