On yesterday’s episode of MBC’s “Miss Ripley,” Song Yoo Hyun (Park Yoo Chun) started preparing for his engagement with Jang Mi Ri (Lee Da Hae). Song Yoo Hyun stood firm once again on his decision to marry Jang Mi Ri due to the disapproval of Lee Hwa (Choi Myung Gil), his mother. He visited the wedding dress shop with Jang Mi Ri in order to have his engagement as soon as possible.

At the wedding dress shop, Song Yoo Hyun became captivated by Jang Mi Ri’s breathtaking beauty as she appeared in a gorgeous pure white wedding dress. Smiling delightfully, he stood up and went up to her, promising her everlasting love.

Netizens who saw the episode commented, “I hope Park Yoo Chun soon finds out about Lee Da Hae’s lies,” “They’re going to end up getting engaged?.” Viewers are eager to find out when Jang Mi Ri’s deceptive ways will be realized.

Meanwhile, MBC’s “Miss Ripley” received viewer ratings of 12.9% yesterday, according to statistics by AGB Nielsen Media Research. SBS’’s new drama “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” was off to smooth start with 10.1% and KBS’s “Baby-Faced Beauty” received the highest ratings once again with 15.9%.  

Source: TV Daily