The December 31 episode of JTBC’s “MIXNINE” revealed how the rankings of the trainees changed after receiving the benefits of the formation battle.

First the show revealed which members of each formation team would be eliminated from the show.


Passed (in order of reveal, not ranking):

  1. Kim Hyun Jin (“I’m Your Girl”)
  2. Kim Min Kyung (“I’m Your Girl”)
  3. Park Soo Min (“I’m Your Girl”)
  4. Nam Yu Jin (“I’m Your Girl”)
  5. Shin Jee Won (“I’m Your Girl”)
  6. Shin Ryu Jin (“Really Really”)
  7. Lee Soo Min (“Really Really”)
  8. Choi Moon Hee (“Really Really”)
  9. Heo Chan Mi (“Really Really”)
  10. Watanabe Rui (“Really Really”)
  11. Kim Bo Won (“Really Really”)
  12. Kim Su A (“Really Really”)
  13. Choi Yoon A (“Really Really”)
  14. Lee Soo Jin (“Bad Girl Good Girl”)
  15. Lee Ha Young (“Bad Girl Good Girl”)
  16. Jeong Sa Ra (“Bad Girl Good Girl”)
  17. Jang Hyo Gyeong (“Bad Girl Good Girl”)
  18. Jung Ha Yoon (“Bad Girl Good Girl”)
  19. Kim Min Ju (“Bad Girl Good Girl”)
  20. Hwang Ji Min (“Bad Girl Good Girl”)
  21. Kim Si Hyeon (“Bad Girl Good Girl”)
  22. Lee Ji Eun (“Honey”)
  23. Kim So Ri (“Genie”)
  24. Baek Hyeon Joo (“Genie”)
  25. Jeon Hee Jin (“Genie”)
  26. Go Ah Ra (“Genie”)
  27. Kim Soo Hyun (“Genie”)

Eliminated (in order of reveal, not ranking):

  1. Ng Sze Kai (“I’m Your Girl”)
  2. Go Jeong Hee (“I’m Your Girl”)
  3. Park Hae Young (“I’m Your Girl”)
  4. Kim Hyun Jung (“I’m Your Girl”)
  5. Kang Si Hyun (“Really Really”)
  6. Lee Yong Chae (“Really Really”)
  7. Kim Yoon Young (“Bad Girl Good Girl”)
  8. Yukika (“Honey”)
  9. Yang Hye Seon (“Honey”)
  10. Im So Hyeon (“Honey”)
  11. Yu Jin Kyung (“Honey”)
  12. Shin Ji Yoon (“Honey”)
  13. Kim Da Yun (“Honey”)
  14. Lim Jung Min (“Honey”)
  15. Lee Hyang Sook (“Honey”)
  16. Park Hae Lin (“Genie”)
  17. Kim Young Seo (“Genie”)
  18. Choi Ha Young (“Genie”)
  19. Kim Yun Ji (“Genie”)

On the boys’ side, the “Paradise Lost” team was revealed to have taken first in the formation battle and received the corresponding benefit.

Passed (in order of reveal, not ranking):

  1. Kim Hyo Jin (“Bang Bang Bang”)
  2. Song Han Gyeom (“Bang Bang Bang”)
  3. Lee Dong Hun (“Bang Bang Bang”)
  4. Yuto (“Bang Bang Bang”)
  5. Kim Dong Yoon (“Bang Bang Bang”)
  6. Shim Jae Young (“Hug”)
  7. Park Min Kyun (“Hug”)
  8. Lee Ru Bin (“Hug”)
  9. Kim Hyun Soo (“Hug”)
  10. Lee Byoung Gon (“Hug”)
  11. Lee Gun Min (“It’s You”)
  12. Lee Jae Jun (Banana Culture) (“It’s You”)
  13. Woo Jin Young (“Paradise Lost”)
  14. Kim Byung Kwan (“Paradise Lost”)
  15. Lee Seung Jun (“Paradise Lost”)
  16. Yao Ming Ming (“Paradise Lost”)
  17. Jo Yong Geun (“Paradise Lost”)
  18. Jeong In Seong (“Paradise Lost”)
  19. Kim Young Jo (“Paradise Lost”)
  20. Oh Hee Jun (“Paradise Lost”)
  21. Kim Hyun Jong (“Paradise Lost”)
  22. Kim Min Seok (“Ringa Linga”)
  23. Choi Hyun Suk (“Ringa Linga”)
  24. Woo Tae Woon (“Ringa Linga”)
  25. Kim Seh Yoon (“Ringa Linga”)
  26. Jin Sung Ho (“Ringa Linga”)
  27. Kim Kook Heon (“Ringa Linga”)

Eliminated (in order of reveal, not ranking):

  1. Kim Min Hak (“Bang Bang Bang”)
  2. Yim Young Jun (“Bang Bang Bang”)
  3. Jeong Hyun Woo (“Bang Bang Bang”)
  4. Ma Jae Kyung (“Bang Bang Bang”)
  5. Hiyama Kazuhiro (“Bang Bang Bang”)
  6. Kim Jun Hoe (“Bang Bang Bang”)
  7. Kim Sang Won (“Hug”)
  8. Kim Jun Kyu (“Hug”)
  9. Chae Chang Hyun (“Hug”)
  10. Hwang Yun Seong (“Hug”)
  11. Park Hyun Kyu (“Hug”)
  12. Jo Young Ho (“It’s You”)
  13. Yoon Yong Bin (“It’s You”)
  14. Lee Ha Vit (“It’s You”)
  15. Shin Jun Seop (“It’s You”)
  16. Moon Jae Yoon (“It’s You”)
  17. Yoon Jae Hee (“It’s You”)
  18. Park Seung Jun (“It’s You”)
  19. Lee Chang Yun (“It’s You”)
  20. Lee Jae Jun (RBW) (“It’s You”)
  21. Lee Chan Dong (“Paradise Lost”)
  22. Kim Hong Joong (“Ringa Linga”)
  23. Choi Jong Ho (“Ringa Linga”)
  24. Park Sung Hyun (“Ringa Linga”)
  25. Baek Jin (“Ringa Linga”)

Here are the Top 9 contestants:


  1. Woo Jin Young
  2. Kim Byeong Kwan
  3. Kim Hyo Jin
  4. Kim Min Seok
  5. Lee Dong Hun
  6. Lee Seung Jun
  7. Song Han Gyeom
  8. Kim Hyun Soo
  9. Choi Hyun Suk


  1. Shin Ryu Jin
  2. Lee Soo Min
  3. Lee Soo Jin
  4. Choi Moon Hee
  5. Jeon Hee Jin
  6. Kim So Ri
  7. Lee Ha Young
  8. Kim Hyun Jin
  9. Baek Hyeon Joo

In the overall rankings, Shin Ryu Jin took an overwhelming first place (90,758 points) ahead of even top male contestant Woo Jin Young (86,026 points).

Finally, the lucky contestants to move on to the next round chose from a selection of originally produced songs for the next mission.

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