On November 28, Nancy of MOMOLAND was reported to come in contact with a Coronavirus patient. Nancy has taken a Coronavirus testing and has been quarantining until the results come out. 


Nancy and her group MOMOLAND had just come back with “Read or Not” and are scheduled to promote their song with several appearances. Sadly, she had to stop her scheduled events such as her appearance on MBC’s Music Core


Fortunately, MLD Entertainment has put ease to Merry-Go-Round’s (MOMOLAND fans) by announcing on the 29th that Nancy has tested negative. 

Hello. This is MLD Entertainment.

We are pleased to announce that our artist MOMOLAND’s Nancy, conducted the COVID-19 test and was finally negative result on November 29.

As a result of confirming the fact that the movement lines of Ms.Nancy and the corona confirmed cases, which I mentioned earlier, overlapped, we inform you that the movement lines did not overlap at all. 

As a result, Nancy Yang and her group MOMOLAND are scheduled to resume their activities starting on the 30th. 

We apologize once again for causing concern to many people

Thank you. 

— MLD Entertainment


Fans are glad to hear the good news yet still concerned for other idols as Korea is now in it’s third wave of the Coronavirus.