MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon, better known as Yoshihiro Akiyama in the fighting world, revealed that his first impression of Kwang Hee made him question the ZE:A member’s sexual orientation.

On October 11, the two stars guest appeared on KBS “Happy Together 3.” Choo Sung Hoon said that he first met Kwang Hee while filming SBS “Law of the Jungle,” but he was surprised that Kwang Hee didn’t use honorific language from the beginning.

In the Korean sports world, the younger athlete is supposed to show respect to the older athlete in every aspect of their conversation, especially when they first meet. Choo Sung Hoon, who’s born and raised in Japan, trained in Korea as a Japanese-Korean athlete, and is well aware of the manners between athletes. That’s why he was confused with the way Kwang Hee was treating him at their first encounter.

Kwang Hee’s explanation to the “gay accusation” was that he was concerned that Choo Sung Hoon wouldn’t understand him if he used honorific language. He also joked that he didn’t want to show his weak side to Choo Sung Hoon, who he thought looked really scary at first.

Netizens commented, “That doesn’t make any sense,” “Choo Sung Hoon is a true tough guy,” and “I also thought Kwang Hee was gay.”