Mnet America is looking for the six of country’s biggest K-Pop fans to appear on their upcoming reality show #mykpop.

This series will document the K-Pop boom that has been occurring worldwide, following the lives of six chosen cast members. Their journey will bring them to KCON 2013, and end with them being behind the scenes at the event.

Scheduled for August 24-25 at the LA Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles, KCON will feature a K-POP convention topped off with a recording of the Mnet‘s Music Show M!Countdown. So far, EXO, 2AM and Teen Top have been announced to attend the event..

Interested K-Pop fans can audition to be one of six special #mykpop cast members by following the submission guidelines below:

  1.  Applicants should show through photos or videos that they are the most unique and enthusiastic K-pop fan ever and what makes K-pop so special to them.
  2. Through photos or videos, applicants should show where and how they watch Mnet America: On TV at home? On a laptop or iPad at the library?
  3. In a paragraph applicants should explain the story behind their love for K-pop; how they discovered K-pop; what they love about K-Pop; how it affects their daily life; and what makes them the most interesting and passionate K-pop fan.
  4. If chosen for the second round, candidates will participate in a brief phone interview with Mnet America.
  5. Submit all materials to [email protected]

For more info, go to The deadline for submission is July 19, 2013.

For tickets and more information on KCON, visit