Mnet’s “Queendom” is receiving criticism from fans for the huge disparity in waiting room sizes of the artists.

MAMAMOO, despite only having four members, was given the biggest waiting room.

waiting room - mamamoo

This was compared to (G)-Idle’s much smaller room. With six members, stylists, makeup, and clothes, their room seemed noticeably cramp.

waiting room - gidle

Other groups such as Oh My Girl and Lovelyz also had small waiting rooms.

waiting room - AOA
Oh My Girl’s waiting room.
waiting room - oh my girl
Lovelyz waiting room with eight members.

Some netizens commented that Mnet was giving preferential treatment to the bigger girl groups.

The popular kids had big waiting rooms. This is a socialist and capitalist society.

— Korean Netizen

MAMAMOO 300x2 Main

Others explained that this was the normal way with senior artists in broadcasting shows.

But the building was already built like that so isn’t it obvious that rookies will be using smaller waiting rooms? It’s not like they can create a bigger room. It’s obvious that they decided who goes where based on seniority.

— Korean Netizen

Wouldn’t it be weird if MAMAMOO got the smallest room even if they’re the seniors?

— Korean Netizen

Do you think Mnet was being unfair?