2NE1’s “Ugly” was named the “Song Of The Week”. Who is “ugly? Not our girls! The four member band rejoiced on Mnet with their very first win for the single that has nothing to do with their looks or how they feel about themselves. Now, what happened to that “I Am The Best” attitude? 

2NE1, Brave Girls, Hwanhee and DEFCONN were the standout comeback performers on this show’s first episode in the steamy month of August. The fearless YG ladies and the nation’s boisterous artists brought their sizzling stages to an already on fire music stage!  K-Rocker MAYA returned to bring some rock-n-roll to K-Pop’s usual poppy stage. 

Check out the list of fabulous performers on today’s jam-packed fun-fest: miss AThe Grace (Dana & Sunday), Homme, Infinite, Z:EA, Teen Top, Girls’ Day, Kim Ji Soo and Boyfriend.


2NE1’s Winning Moment

2NE1 – Ugly + Hate You + I Am The Best (Special Stage)

miss A – Goodbye Baby

DEFCONN ft. MinAh – How To Leave The Rapper Part 2

Homme – Man Should Laugh

Infinite – Be Mine

The Grace (Dana & Sunday) – One More Chance

Hwanhee – Love Pain

Z:EA – Heart For 2

Teen Top – No More Perfume On You

Brave Girls – Why So Often

Girls’ Day – Hug Me Once

Super Junior’s Comeback (Next Week)


Credit: @MnetMCountdown, Osen, yt cr: CrazyCarrotExtra2 and LooriWoori