Guest List: 2NE1 , FT Island, V.O.S, Chae Dong Ha, Eru, Rainbow, Sori, Sistar, Gavy NJ, Miss$ (feat. Jung Seul Gi), Electroboyz (feat. Kang Min Kyung), Dalmatian, SanE (feat. Min of missA)


Mnet M! Countdown continues this week with another explosive episode with comeback stages from the much awaited 2NE1, who also takes the grand prize home! Debut performance from JYP’s first rapper, SanE is also the spotlight today. Other hot artists such as FT Island, Rainbow, SISTAR, and Dalmatian continue showing us what they got in this week’s episode. Check them out and more right here!


2NE1 – Win & Encore


2NE1 – Clap Your Hands


2NE1 – Go Away


2NE1 – Can’t Nobody


Sori – You’re Not My Style


Eru – White Tears


GAVY NJ – Lets Stop


Electroboyz – Drawing You (feat. Kang Min Kyung)


Dalmatian – Round 1


FT Island – Love Love Love


SISTAR – Shady Girl


Miss$ – What To Do At This Age (feat. Jung Seul Gi)


Rainbow – A


San E – Good Tasting San (feat. Min of missA)


V.O.S – Full Story


Source: Mnet & YouTube(BBSHINeeWorldKR)