Today’s win at M! Countdown was Busker Busker with “Love, At First,” beating Lim Chang Jung with “A Man Like Me.” Congratulations Busker Busker!

Today featured the exciting comeback of Block B with the cool song “Very Good and “Be The Light.” Also today’s show featured the handsome NU’EST with the catchy “Beautiful Ghost.” Other performances today featured G-Dragon, FT Island, BTS, F-ve Dolls, Ladies Code, Spica and many more.

Check out the other videos below from tonight’s performances!

Next week will feature the comeback performances of Kahi, IU, SHINee, Nine Muses, 2EYES and T-ARA!

Congratulations again to Busker Busker!

G-Dragon – “Crooked”

Block B – “Be The Light”

Block B – “Very Good”

NU’EST – “Beautiful Ghost”

FT Island – “Memory”

BST – “N.O”

F-ve Dolls feat. T-ARA’s Dani – “Can You Love Me?”

Ladies Code – “Pretty Pretty”

Spica – “Tonight”

Kahi Comeback Next Week

IU Comeback Next Week

T-ARA Comeback Next Week

Nine Muses Comeback Next Week

SHINee Comeback Next Week

2EYES Comeback Next Week

MC Kim Woo Bin interviewing Jung Joon-young

EXO’s Xiumin & D.O – Re:Chart Cut