CN Blue unexpectedly snagged Song of the week today on M! Countdown, beating both SHINee and Shinhwa.

Shinhwa members Minwoo and Junjin played assistant MC’s this week along with Tony Ahn. Shinhwa’s old hits were given tribute in a special stage featuring SPICA, SMASH and Shinhwa themselves. 

Performances this week includes B1A4, Shinhwa, 9 Muses, BTOB, CN Blue, SPICA, NU’ EST, Na Yoon Kwon, Take Hyun, MC Sniper, John Park, Busker Busker, Jang Na Ra and Han So Ah.

Song of the week

CN Blue, “Hey you”

Shinhwa, “Venus”

B1A4, “Baby I’m sorry”

BTOB, “Insane”

SPICA, “Painkiller”

NU ‘EST, “Face”

9 Muses, “Ticket”

SPICA Special stage, “T.O.P”

SMASH Special stage, “Wild Eyes”

Shinhwa special stage, “Brand New”

Na Yoon Kwon feat. U-KISS’ AJ, “You are beautiful”

Busker Busker, “Cherry blossom ending”

Video source: shu35151224 @ Youtube