Tonight’s M! Countdown was filled with sizzling comebacks from both popular girl groups 4Minute and Sistar. The fellas didn’t dissappoint either with comebacks from Seo In Guk, Huh Gak and rookies Twi-light. EXO-K made another successful debut stage and MC Tony Ahn was frequently visited by members from the various artists performing.

Busker Busker suprised by winning Song of the week with “Cherry Blossom Ending“, beating both SHINee and CN Blue in this week’s interesting Top three.

Other performances today inclide: BtoB, SPICA, Jang Na Ra, Shinhwa, CN Blue

Busker Busker wins Song of the week:

Busker Busker “Cherry Blossom Ending”

4Minute “Dream Racer” and “Volume Up”

Sistar “Lead me” and “Alone”

EXO-K “History” and “MAMA”

Seo In Guk “Tease Me”

Huh Gak “Love Love Love” and “A Someone Who Loved Me”

CN Blue “Hey You”

SPICA “Painkiller”

Shinhwa “Venus”

BtoB “Insane”



Video credit: shu35151224 and ckim1986 @ youtube