Infinite is ready to travel the world, while CHOCOLAT just wants to introduce themselves. How do I know this? Mnet M!Countdown Question & Answer!

In Infinite’s interview, they revealed their desire to have a world tour. The boys were shocked they had so many fans in Peru and thanked them wholeheartedly.

CHOCOLAT, on the other hand, is a fan of Secret! At least it seems that way. After they introduced themselves to the Mnet viewing audience, the bi-racial rookie group revealed their favorite band’s name is Secret. What special talents does this new girl group have? Just like quite a few other celebrities, they conducted their interview in Korean and English. Translators were not needed or required for this bi-lingual band. 

Enjoy the videos below that bring you closer to the stars….MCD Q&A:

Mnet: “Hot Debut”

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