What would you ask for your “mini” SISTAR interview ?

Mnet M! Countdown compiled the perfect questions for their two minute and thirty second clip. On August 17th, a special SISTAR video was tweeted on the official twitter of the popular music show. The network asked them the meaning behind their comeback track “So Cool” and their experience performing in the USA.

Mnet: “….Sistar!!! M Countdown STAR Q&A Event,The Star is “Sistar” ! Sistar answer is this” 

Did you enjoy that video but wished you could have been a part of it? Well, Mnet is giving you that opportunity!

You can be a part of Mnet’s next Q & A session. Here is their tweet for next week:

“If you have any questions about stars who are in M Countdown, let us know on twitter. Only Wednesday!!!!! (1 question per a person) If your question got to chosen, stars will answer for you!”

Tweet you questions to @MnetMCountdown today!

Credit: @MnetMCountdown