“Touch” by miss A is Song of the Week on Mnet “M! Countdown” on its March 1st edition. The three-way battle was among FT Island‘s “Severely,” John Park‘s “Falling” and miss A.

MBLAQ and B.A.P debuted new songs on the “M! Countdown” stage. MBLAQ showed what they can do with the difficult choreography of their follow-up song, “Run.” As earlier reported, member Seung Ho collapsed during the second round of recordings and is now currently recovering in the hospital. B.A.P is also continuing promotions with “Secret Love.”

EXID pulls off a surprise special performace of BEAST’s “Shock.”

Tony Ahn and Smash are on the scene. With Tony Ahn now on the performers’ list, John Park and miss A’s Suzy help boost up the hosting duties. They debut as “M! Countdown” MCs and are intended to be special hosts only for the evening, but they might continue on for the long-term.

Tonight’s performers were FT Island, Se7en, miss A, John Park, MBLAQ, B.A.P, Smash, K.Will, Miryo, Dal Shabet, Brave Girls, EXID, Stellar, SPICA, Jang Jae In, Kim Greem and Jiggy Dogg.   

Song of the Week



miss A, “Touch”

FT Island, “Severely”

Dal Shabet



John Park, “Falling”

B.A.P, “Secret Love”

Brave Girls


Smash, “Get Your Swag On”

Stellar, “UFO”

EXID Special Stage, “Shock”

EXID, “Whoz That Girl”

Video credit: saocham1, MyBestiz, KPopShowTV07, linkaijie, minjinplez, ckim1986 , CapsuleHD13 @YT