BIGBANG takes Song of the Week again on Mnet “M! Countdown.” 

BIGBANG has already posted its first #1 for “Blue” last week, but the group only stepped back on the “M! Countdown” stage this evening for a live performance of songs from their comeback mini-album “ALIVE.” 2AM debuted new songs off their release “F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Way of Love.” B1A4 was likewise back with a new song. Lyn and NU’EST completed the week’s featured new releases.

FT Island, miss A, Se7en, John Park, Nine Muses, EXID, Tony & SMASH also performed on the mid-month edition of “M! Countdown.”

Of late, the show has experimented with special MCs or co-hosts for its regular show-runner Tony Ahn. This week, After School’s Lizzy helped Tony Ahn along in hosting duties.

Song of the Week

BIGBANG, “Blue + Bad Boy + Fantastic Baby + Ain’t No Fun”

miss A, “Touch”

FT Island, “Severely”

2AM, “I Wonder if You Hurt Like Me + You Were Mine”

B1A4, “This Time Is Over + Baby I’m Sorry”

Se7en, “Somebody Else”

NU’EST, “I’m Sorry + Face”


Video credit :  papaangelelf331, Kai2dayeoSNSDWG, ckim1986, gumooamp @YT