BIGBANG‘s “Fantastic Baby” is Song of the Week on Mnet “M! Countdown.” It is the second win for BIGBANG for this track on their comeback “ALIVE” album. The battle for Song of the Week came down to BIGBANG, John Park‘s “Falling” and 2AM‘s “I Wonder if You Hurt Like Me.”

The big comeback to the “M! Countdown” stage this week was courtesy of SHINee, on the first live performance of their new track “Sherlock.” The music video was just released hours before the show aired. Newcomers BTOB make their music show debut on “M! Countdown.” New songs from TAW & Haha and Lee Tae Kwon were also introduced on tonight’s show. Special stage from B1A4 featured their cover of “Intuition” from CN Blue, who are coming back next week.

“M! Countdown” performances for March 22 included BIGBANG, 2AM, SHINee, BTOB, Jay Park, MBLAQ, miss A, Lyn, NU’EST, B1A4, Ailee, Brave Girls, John Park, Nine Muses, TAW & Haha and Lee Tae Kwon. 

FT Island‘s Lee Hong Ki and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon were special MCs of the evening, alongside regular host Tony Ahn.

Song of the Week

BIGBANG, “Fantastic Baby”

2AM, “I Wonder if You Hurt Like Me”

SHINee, “Intro + Stranger, Intro + Sherlock”

BTOB, “Imagine + Insanity”

Jay Park, “Know Your Name”

MBLAQ, “Beautiful”

B1A4 Special Stage, “Intuition”

Nine Muses, “Ticket”

TAW & Haha, “Intro + One Who Admired My Arms”


Video credit:  Nam Thanh, CNBLUEAS, pinkunoFullmu, ONLYMUZIC, chiehchiehl, gumooamp, justboystep5 @YT