Did Anyone miss Boyfriend? Well on tonight’s M! Countdown, the boys finally made their comeback with a new and very diffrent image to go with thier song “Janus.”  New solo singer Noh Jihoon made his debut tonight, charming everyone with his song “Punishment” and with his sexy dancing.

Congratulations to another rookie, Lee Hi, who won tonight’s M! Countdown. She beat K.Will’s success for the last two weeks.

Next week’s comeback teasers were for B1A4, Dal Shabet and Son Dambi!


Lee Hi “1, 2, 3, 4”

K.Will “Please Don’t”

Epik High “Don’t hate me”

Hyuna “Ice Cream”

Miss A “I don’t need a man”

B.A.P “Stop it”

Noh Jihoon “Punishment”

Ailee “Show U”

Primary feat. CHOIZA, Zion.T “? (question mark)”

Miss $ “Good Night”

Boyfriend “Janus”

TimeZ “Hooray for idols”