Performer’s List: Wonder Girls, MBLAQ, CNBLUE, 4minute, Seo In Gook, Davichi, Gummy, Lee Jung Hyun, Lee Seok Hoon (SG Wannabe), 8eight, Supreme Team, Transfixion, T-MAX, Double K, 2WINS

On today’s show, T-MAX made their comeback with “Don’t Be Rude.” Supreme Team peformed “Dang Dang Dang” of their repackaged album . 2WINS, comprised of Bumkey and TOPBOB of TBNY, performed “Star Guy”; a funk/hip-hop track.

At the end of the show, MBLAQ was able to nab the Mnet award today and they accepted it with much elation. Memebers Seungho and Mir tried to hold off their tears, but their happy sentiments could not be hidden. Congrats to the group! Check out their winning video and the rest of the performances below!

Mnet Winner + Encore




Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears




4minute – HuH


Seo In Gook – Love U


Gummy – Because You’re a Man


Lee Jung Hyun – Suspicious Man


8eight – The End is Coming


Supreme Team – Dang Dang Dang


Transfixion – The Shouts of the Reds


T-MAX – Don’t Be Rude


2WINS – Star Guy


Lee Seok Hoon – Station

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