Is your favorite artist on the list? 

On August 9th, the cable network that is sweeping the world tweeted this week’s line-up of performers. Regulars like Min Kyung Hoon, Z:EA, The Grace and miss A will continue to bring down the house with their powerful performances. In addition, Seo In-guk and HyunA names returned to the list of comeback stages. 

Check out their tweet below for the entire setlist:

” 2011.08.11 M! Countdown : Super Junior / miss A / The Grace ‘DANA&Sunday’ / Infinite / Seo In Guk / Hyun A / SISTAR / Homme / Mighty Mouth / ZE:A / Min Kyung Hoon / Teen Top / Brave Girls / GP Basic / DEFCONN / Domoto Koichi / Thur PM 6:00 Live!”

It’s prediction time….Which artist’s single will be crowned “Song Of The Week”?

Credits: @MnetMCountdown and TV Report (Image)