Mnet’s new show Running Girls features Sunmi, OH MY GIRLS‘s YooA, LOONA‘s ChuuEXID‘s Hani, and soloist Chungha as they run to beautiful areas, grow as friends, and discuss the beauty and hardships of life.


Mnet released a clip of Sunmi’s step-father paying a visit. Sunmi and the other girls appear to be spending time in a living room together at the start of the clip when the doorbell suddenly rings. Without knowing who’s at the door, Sunmi opens it to find her stepfather on the other side. 

To her shock, Sunmi greets him and addresses him as “appa” (father in Korean). The clip then cuts to an interview segment with Sunmi where she starts to tear up and choke.

I spent the same amount of time with my stepfather as my father who passed away. He’s not the biological father of me and my siblings…but I’m grateful for so many things that he’s done.

— Sunmi

Sunmi revealed in an appearance on tvN‘s “Talk Mon” that her father was a single parent raising her and her siblings. Her father tragically came down with tuberculosis and passed away before her debut. Luckily her loving stepfather came into her and her sibling’s lives. 

The clip turns back to the scene with her stepfather walking through the door. He seems to have brought Sunmi and the rest of the girls something as he carried in a big box. 

To hear more about Sunmi’s story and to discover what her stepfather brought, Running Girls’ first episode airs on December 9, 2020, at 7:30 PM KST.