Mnet’s “Super Star K3” is currently in deep trouble due to the intense rain that occurred in South Korea. According to Mnet on August 9th, a lot of the equipment for editing and also edited videos of “Super Star K3” became damaged.

On August 1st, one of the editing servers that contained nearly 20,000 tapes became overloaded. It will take nearly two weeks to re-edit all of the destroyed material. However, the disaster did not end there. On August 7th, a server became overloaded again when filmed videos were re-inserted into the server.

The production team of “Super Star K3” stated, “This year because of the rain there were a lot of happenings that we could not foresee, something that didn’t happen during season 1 or 2. Currently we are jokingly saying that these things are happening because Super Star K3 will be a big hit. The production team of Super Star K3 is currently pulling all-nighters in order to re-edit all of the filmed material. Please anticipate the first broadcast.

The first episode of Super Star K3 will be broadcast on August 13th

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