Model and actress Jang Yoon Joo sent a coffee and churros truck to the set of “Hold Me Tight” to support her close friend Han Hye Jin.

The two are known to be close friends, and are both now mothers to beautiful daughters. Han Hye Jin took to her Instagram account to thank Jang Yoon Joo as she shared photos of the coffee truck and snacks. The photos show that the stickers included on the drinks read, “Actress Han Hye Jin. Healer Han Hye Jin. I love you and bless you,” while the banner on the truck echoes, “Actress Han Hye Jin. Healer Han Hye Jin. Work hard until the very end with sincerity and love.”

Han Hye Jin wrote in the accompanying caption, “Yoon Joo, who sent me a coffee truck to gain strength. Thank you so much. I love you and bless you too.” She added, “Jang Yoon Joo. Cool lady. I want to be like her.” in the hashtags.

Han Hye Jin is currently starring in “Hold Me Tight” as the female lead Nam Hyun Joo. Catch her in the latest episode of “Hold Me Tight” on Viki below!

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