As the case of baby Jung In’s wrongful death continues to shock the nation, a woman has stepped forward to share a story about the child and her adoptive mother.

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A woman whose child attended the same daycare as Jung In, took to her personal Instagram page to share her condolences. She also shared a story about the first encounter she had with Jung In’s adoptive mother. She posted the story, along with a photo of Jung In playing at the daycare with two other children.

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The woman then shared this heartbreaking photo of a drawing of the sweet child. The words accompanying the photo reads, “our pretty baby Jung In, our bold Jung In-i student, our beloved Jung In-sshi, we are sorry.” 

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With the photos, the woman shared her personal feelings and emotions about the situation, as well as her encounters with Jung In’s adoptive mother. Here is what her caption says.

Our pretty baby Jung In, our bold Jung In-i student, our beloved Jung In-sshi, we are sorry. We will change. My child was in the same class as pretty Jung In. As a part of adaptation training at the daycare, I would run into that woman on a weekly basis. The first time we met, I was so shocked that I remember it vividly…Jung In started to whine but the woman would only pay attention to her phone. She claimed her phone was brand new so the crazy b**ch ignored her crying child for her phone.

— Mother of child

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At around this time, she claimed it was time for Jung In’s afternoon nap so the woman grabbed a bunch of towels that were on the baby carriage and dumped them all on top of Jung In’s face. She claimed that Jung In will only sleep if her entire face is covered. I was shocked. Of course, the baby is going to cry since her entire head is covered with these towels. How did the woman expect her to sleep, so much bulls**t. I couldn’t control my facial expression when I looked at the crazy b**ch so the homeroom teacher took Jung In and carried her out of the classroom to console her.

— Mother of child

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I didn’t even want to exchange words with the woman…I didn’t know that Jung In was adopted at that time and so I couldn’t understand why she was reacting in that way. Now I understand. She got angry with a child who was restless…Jung In was the type to stop crying and smile brightly if you just hugged her. I should have held her once more when I had the chance…the homeroom teacher was pregnant at the time but she consoled Jung In with her pregnant body.

— Mother of child

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Many are continuing to mourn the devastating passing of Jung In and are asking for justice to be served. Rest in peace sweet Jung In.