In the previous episode of Run BTS!, BTS learned new skills to play ping-pong. After some practice, the members competed in a table tennis tournament against each other in episode 139.

Here are 10+ memorable moments that you need to see:

1. Kind and nice Jimin!

2. We can always count on J-Hope for the dramatics.

3. Jimin failing after talking big

4. The editors back at it again!

5. Jimin being the cutest!

6. Respect your elders.

7. V be vibing

8. RM and J-Hope preparing for battle


9. *Spoilers*

V winning against a gold medalist!

10. Supportive soulmates ????

11. When Jin tried to cheat though… ????

Check out a preview for next week’s episode:

BTS’s Suga Will Return To “Run BTS!” Next Week With “The Game Caterers” Collaboration