Following the recent news of Momo and Heechul‘s relationship, Momo’s sister, Hana has been receiving malicious comments on her official Instagram account.



On one of Hana’s dancing videos, a Korean netizen posted all sorts of inappropriate comments about Momo and Heechul.

Momo houses the **** of old ******* Kim Hee Chul.

Momo gets ****** on by the old ******* Kim Hee Chul.

I can write these things since Momo’s ***** sister can’t read Korean.

That Japanese ***** Momo has *** with that old ******* Kim Hee Chul.

– Malicious Netizen


The comments are so shocking that some netizens are purposely visiting the post to check it out for themselves.


I came because I heard this person is leaving all sorts of crazy comments.

– Netizen


Many fans are also coming to Momo and Heechul’s defense by responding to the malicious netizen’s comments.



I suggest you stop now, Malicious Commenter.

Shut up, you scum, who doesn’t know how to say anything nice.

– Fans

Some other comments include “They have to sue this person immediately“, “JYP, sue this person“, and “This person is definitely crazy“.