Back in 2018, MOMOLAND‘s “BBoom BBoom” became a K-Pop favorite among fans and non-fans alike—but JooE and Nancy weren’t so convinced at first. In a new interview, JooE revealed why the two of them cried when they first heard the song.

Without a doubt, “BBoom BBoom” was the song that shot MOMOLAND to international fame, dominating the charts in South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and beyond.

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When an interviewer asked JooE if she had any memorable moments from “BBoom BBoom” era, one thing stuck out to her: the way she cried when hearing the song. According to JooE, when the MLD Entertainment boss first played the “BBoom BBoom” demo to MOMOLAND, the group “all went silent“.


JooE went on to explain that after the members left the room, they were left wondering what on earth to do. While the version of “BBoom BBoom” you know today is perfectly catchy, JooE says the demo was a little different and didn’t feel like a MOMOLAND song at all. The star said that since the group were used to singing songs like “Wonderful Love”, the new track sounded “over the top“.


We were used to doing something like, “…wonder, wonderful”, but then it was like, “boom boom boom” all of a sudden.

— JooE

The members found themselves worrying and stressing over “BBoom BBoom”, wondering if it was the right way to go. JooE says the concerns built up so much, eventually, she and fellow member Nancy took matters into their own hands.The pair ended up grabbing their boss, getting him into a car, and then… bursting into tears. JooE says they both cried, telling him, “We can’t do this“.


But thankfully for MOMOLAND fans, the boss was firm, telling JooE and Nancy they had to do the song. After he consoled the pair, JooE says they resigned themselves to performing the song.

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Of course, the interviewer noted, MOMOLAND’s fate could’ve been completely different if JooE and Nancy got their way. JooE agreed, revealing she was shocked when the song did so well because “the music scene at the time was all about really cool and beautiful songs“.

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So naturally, we didn’t feel good about ourselves. That made us think, “How could this song do well?”.

— JooE

However, after several weeks of promotion, “BBoom BBoom” rose to no.1 on the charts, and JooE says that’s when things finally felt real. The song went on to achieve two Platinum certifications in South Korea (for 100 million streams and 2.5 million downloads) and rack up almost 500 million views on YouTube, so it’s definitely a good thing the members’ tears didn’t quite work.