MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon is the latest member of the group to open a personal Instagram account!

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On March 15, his new account was announced via the group’s official Twitter account. He is the fifth member of the group to start a personal Instagram account, after Minhyuk (@go5rae), I.M (@imnameim), Kihyun (@yookihhh) and Shownu (@shownuayo).

His username, @coenffl, spells “Chae Dooly” when typed on a Korean keyboard. Dooly was Hyungwon’s nickname in school, based on the main character of the Korean children’s series Dooly the Little Dinosaur.

His very first post was two photos of himself with the caption “camera photos ????.” He recently shared with fans that he bought a new camera so these must be some of the pictures he took with it. We’re looking forward to seeing more stunning shots from–and of–him!

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