The topic of masculinity and what the word means is still a question being asked in 2021. Yet, in K-Pop, it is a word that is slowly losing significance as idols bend gender norms and conform to their own standards.

MONSTA X is one of those idol groups breaking down societal norms, whether being the faces of makeup brand Urban Decay or their on-stage outfits.


In an interview with Recording Academy Grammy Awards, the group was asked for their definition of masculinity. As expected, I.M‘s response was perfect. He explained that they are a group that doesn’t want to define the word. 

Each person has their own thoughts, experiences, and environments. It’s hard to fit this definition to a person and this meaning to another person.

— I.M

| Starship Entertainment

I.M then went on to add that, because of the lack of restrictions a person should have, their advice is to focus on yourself.

We want to say this: Masculinity? Just define it yourself. Define it your way. [For us,] it [means] being us. That’s it.

— I.M


It is not the first time that I.M has been outspoken about the concept of masculinity. During an interview with GQ, I.M had a similar answer, explaining that everyone has their own definition of the word. He even added that it’s about loving yourself, not saying that men and women should act a certain way.

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