I.M of MONSTA X has an irresistible edge to him. From the black nails and eyebrow piercing to the harnesses and leather pants, he’s ridiculously attractive. Here are 10+ times his sexy, dark style left us quaking (and wishing he was the goth boyfriend we all want).

1. Edward Cullen who?

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2. The graphic tee and earring are giving serious Eboy vibes.

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3. I think we can all admit this look is superior.


4. Such a cozy goth bf in that hoodie. UwU

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5. I.M + specs = ????

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6. He just belongs in a leather jacket.

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7. No one pulls off an eyebrow piercing quite like I.M.

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8. Whoever is styling him in harnesses and collars: Thank you.

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9. The black nails are a look.



10. A suit and harness is I.M’s version of a suit and tie.

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11. Even a casual look like a black button-up makes him so handsome.

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12. What’s better than I.M? Oh yes, wet I.M.

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13. Leather pants were made for him.

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14. Even black-and-white photos do him justice.

original (1) original (2)

15. Okay, but are these poses legal?

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16. He still looks devilishly sexy in white.