tvN will be airing a new variety show!

“Show! Audio Jockey” is a program in which its “audio jockey” cast will showcase various contents through a radio show format. The cast members will hold public live audio broadcasts at open studios that will move across the country as they present their own unique segments. Viewers will be able to listen to the audio broadcasts in real time through various apps and watch behind-the-scenes clips and preparation processes on television.

Sung Si Kyung, Park Myung Soo, So Yoo Jin, Boom, and MONSTA X have confirmed their appearance for the program. Many viewers are curious to see how these singers, comedians, actors, and idols will entertain viewers.

Additionally, as the cast members travel all over the country to broadcast, viewers will enjoy contents of various characteristics local to the area. The program will showcase unique segments ranging from cooking shows using local specialty products, mukbang (eating shows), quiz shows with local audiences, music shows, and more.

Producing director (PD) Lee Young Joon stated, “For the new ‘visible audio contents’ that combine the emotions of radio and the entertainment of television, the star AJs (audio jockeys) are doing their best by producing their own broadcast titles, segments, and theme songs.”

“Show! Audio Jockey” is set to premiere on March 17 at 6:10 p.m. KST.

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