Update May 16 KST: 

MONSTA X has dropped the highlight medley for their upcoming mini-album, “The Clan Part. 1 Lost!” The six-song tracklist includes their pre-release “Ex Girl” and their title track “All In.” Each song features a contribution from one of the members, either in lyrics or production.

Update May 12 KST:

MONSTA X has given us a glimpse at their comeback MV, “All In”! Check out the teaser below.

Update May 11 KST:

MONSTA X revealed individual and group teaser images for their upcoming mini album, The Clan Part. 1 Lost.

The members can be seen in a dark setting with reddish lighting, possibly revealing the concept for this mini album.

monsta x lost

monsta x kihyun lost

monsta x wonho lost

monsta x hyungwon lost

monsta x im lost

monsta x minhyuk lost

monsta x jooheon lost

monsta x shownu lost

Update May 4 KST:

MONSTA X has now released their track list for their upcoming mini album! As was announced yesterday, MAMAMOO’s Wheein will be featuring on a pre-release track entitled “Ex Girl.”

The guys have played a big part in the creation of this mini album, with members Jooheon and I.M. in the writing credits for every song.

monsta x track list

Update April 30 KST: 

MONSTA X has uploaded two new teasers to their official Twitter page. This time the mysterious photos are captioned with “Clue 2” and “Ritual.” One is an image of male with a flower to his lips and another is of a circle of candles.

monsta x

monsta x 1

Update April 28 KST:

MONSTA X has shared a new teaser for their upcoming comeback!

monsta x clan

Update April 27 KST:

MONSTA X has now released a schedule (or “instruction manual”) for their upcoming comeback with “The Clan”! It appears that the group will be making their comeback on May 18.

monsta x


On April 22, MONSTA X revealed a mysterious teaser image through their various social media channels including their official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The accompanying post to the teaser image says, “Here comes THE CLAN 2.5 Part.1 ‘#LOST‘ ! COMING SOON #MONSTAX #THECLAN #LOST.”

MONSTA X teaser

Many fans are excited about the possibility of a comeback with speculation about “The Clan” and “Lost” being potential album and song title names. Furthermore, many speculate that the group’s comeback date will be May 2.

The group last promoted “Rush” and “Hero” successfully last September and October.

Are you excited about MONSTA X’s potential comeback? What do you think the mysterious teaser image means?

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